See Post on LinkedInDecember 7, 2023

Pittsburgh, PA – Zeal Specialty Pharmacy, a leading provider of specialty pharmaceutical services, is proud to announce a significant milestone in its commitment to patient care: attainment of licensure in all 50 states. This achievement marks a pivotal moment for the specialty pharmacy, solidifying its ability to serve patients nationwide.

Obtaining all 50 states with unprecedented speed (only taking 8 months total), Zeal’s commitment to ensure individuals with complex healthcare needs can access care, innovative health technology, and expert clinical support no matter where they travel or reside.

“With licensure in all 50 states, Zeal is now best positioned to fulfill our great purpose of optimizing the patient experience with their medications. This accomplishment reflects our dedication to advancing healthcare outcomes and improving the lives of those we serve,” said Brenden Harper, CFO at Zeal Specialty Pharmacy.

Zeal Specialty Pharmacy’s nationwide licensure also allows for:

Expanded Access: Patients across the country can now benefit from Zeal’s comprehensive range of specialty medications and therapeutic solutions. It also affords opportunities for pharmaceutical manufacturers to partner with Zeal to expand high-touch programs and services associated with their medications.
Expert Clinical Support: With a team of seasoned specialty pharmacy professionals, Zeal ensures that patients receive the highest level of clinical support and guidance tailored to their unique needs.
First-in-Class Technology Offerings: Patients, providers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers can benefit from integrated communication, automation, and intelligence to ensure customized, outcomes-driven care using technologies you touch every day.

As Zeal Specialty Pharmacy continues to grow and expand its footprint not just geographically but therapeutically, we remain committed to delivering unparalleled service, personalized care, and innovative solutions to support patients on their healthcare journey.

About Zeal

Zeal Specialty Pharmacy is a nationally licensed specialty pharmacy, offering the latest technological solutions and clinical services to all patients, particularly those diagnosed with rare and orphan conditions. Third-party accredited for Specialty Pharmacy with Rare Disease and Orphan Drug distinctions, Zeal helps to drive our team towards our great purpose – to optimize the patient experience.

For more information, please email info@zealsp.com or visit www.zealsp.com.